23 VIEWS (soon to be 24 VIEWS following the 2020 Census) is a drawing series turned social practice work that investigates the Census as a political apparatus and its impact on our collective understanding of race and ethnicity in the United States. The project is currently based in Las Vegas out of UNLV’s Department of Art in collaboration with local organizers and community based institutions.

The initial stage of the project opens with a series of installations centered around the graphite drawings and will be accompanied by workshops on the history of racial classification and whether or not “post-raciality” is a viable (or politically responsible) cultural shift in today’s increasingly mixed-race and globalized society. Each workshop will be followed by the creation of a site-specific and crowd-sourced questionnaire, prospectively titled WeTheCensus, that proposes a new short form survey to capture an alternative cross-section of American life outside of racial and geographic bounds. 23 VIEWS is a living and expansive project that investigates how ever-shifting definitions of race, ethnicity, and citizenship are politically contingent and provides a platform for communities to redefine their collective narratives.

Many thanks to the Wassaic Project for providing space, time, and community platform to break ground.

Seeking collaborators to contribute in the form of critical writing, curriculum development, or general people power. EMAIL ME!

The drawing series is comprised of one graphite drawing based on data obtained from the Census Bureau on race and ethnicity since 1790. The data is rendered as a simple ocean landscape with the sky at a constant 50% while subtle shifts and variegations along the shoreline represent changing racial categories from that decade. Each drawing is paired with the decennial year along with an active verb that references a major historical event from that era.

23 VIEWS rejects the idea of data collection as an objective process, instead presenting its mechanisms as byproducts of violence, colonialism, and oppressive power structures, though ultimately meaningless in the larger history of the Earth.

1790 Census Data. US Census Bureau, Public Information Office.

WeTheCensus | A New Survey

2020 - 2021

SPEAK AMERICA | Critical Writing

2021 - ????

Photo by Jeff Barnett-Winsby/Wassaic Project

Photo by Jeff Barnett-Winsby/Wassaic Project